Intermediate Level Classes

The Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit Class and NRA Basic Pistol are excellent at teaching basic pistol safety and marksmanship. They are NOT designed to teach you how to properly carry or defend yourself and your family with a handgun. There is more to learn to develop the proper mindset and the necessary skill to defend yourself successfully with a firearm.

That's where our Intermediate level classes come in. We offer intermediate level courses from the premier firearms training organizations in the nation. These classes take the beginner and give them the mindset, and attitude to responsibly carry their firearm.  We will also give students the skills to handle life-threatening situations with confidence and competence.

These classes have extremely important information for anyone who owns or carries a firearm for personal protection.

Private and Ladies Only classes can be arranged.

Please click on the links below for descriptions of our Intermediate level classes.

NRA Defensive Pistol

SAFTD Defensive Handgun 1


Citizens Safety Academy

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